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Dear Cancer Patients, Caregivers, Family members, and friends,

When my son, Evan, was in the 10th grade, doctors found a tumor in his ear. It turned out that the tumor was also in his nose. That was the start of our mission. We took him to multiple doctors. He had surgeries, three different radiation treatments, and many different combinations of chemo and immunotherapies. He did clinical trials in Los Angeles, Bethesda, Bullhead City, and Houston. He consulted or was treated by doctors in Washington, New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley and all over Los Angeles.

During this time, he finished high school, went to UC Berkeley, played piano and basketball, skateboarded and snowboarded. He tried to do as much as his body would allow.

He lost his hearing in one ear, then the other. He lost his hair, twice. He lost his smile - physically, mentally, and emotionally. He also lost his ability to swallow and speak.

He “gamaned” as his grandmother would say. That means persevered in Japanese. He couldn’t have done it without the support of his family, his friends, and his God! Nurses, doctors, medical personnel, churches, and complete strangers across this great country prayed for him and supported him.
This gift is our family's way of paying it forward.

“Ganbette” (be your best)


Evan's mom


P. S. What you eat is really important. There are studies that show that food can prevent cancer or even be a cure. For a time, we put Evan on a vegan diet. I wouldn’t recommend going to that extreme, but the more good food you put into your body the better. We later switched to a comfort food diet. Food as medicine, in more ways than one.