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What we are doing.

At "LOVE, EVAN”, we “Love On” and supply Cancer patients, caregivers, and their families with gift cards as a simple gesture of support to make their days a little bit easier.  The gift cards may be for anything - for groceries, gas, or even a special treat.  We are all about the spirit of “I’m with You”, “Thank You”, and “I Love You.”

​We all know when cancer touches a family, the lives of many are forever changed – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Many may not realize the reach of cancer goes well beyond the patient – it touches so many – the “new family” becomes the friends of friends, the kind receptionist, the heroic Nurses, the caring Doctors, the courageous Patient next to you.  It might even be a stranger that smiles at you in the elevator.

The “LOVE, EVAN” project, is our way of paying it forward in gratitude for the wonderful hearts who supported our family during these times.

To all of the  beautiful souls that touched Evan's life, we thank you and say Ganbatte! Be Your Best!

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