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What We Do

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Helpful Gifts

Give Cancer patients, caregivers, and their families gift cards. These simple gestures of support makes their days a bit brighter. The cards are for groceries, gas, or even a special treat. We are all about the spirit of “I’m with You”, “Thank You”, and “I Love You.”


Acts of Service

Join us at one of our fundraisers or volunteer to help out families in need of services like babysitting, tutoring, visitation, transportation, grocery shopping, and more.


Healthy Meals

We recognize the importance of healthy meals. A balanced diet is one of the best medicines!


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From the bottom of my soul, a beautiful thank you for your support as I continue to battle through Multiple Myeloma. Cancer has been the darkest night of my life but because of you, I had people around who cared about my physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  This has been and is invaluable. 

I plan even as I continue to heal, to pay all of the kindness I received forward to other Cancer patients in need. You cannot do CANCER alone.


One Love,

Carol Lynn Holton

Cancer Survivor

Fostering Acts of Kindness for Cancer Patients

Fostering Acts of Kindness for Cancer Patients

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Brighten someone's day on their Cancer jouney.

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Our Story

Learn more about Evan's story and why we give.


Get Involved

Join our newsletter, funraisers, and charity events!

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